Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Late

So its almost 12 am and I am getting ready to call it a day.  I started to think about something that was suggested to me by Stephanie, the holistic nutritionist at Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary last month. Stephanie suggested making time for a "down time" routine.  I am wondering how many people are doing this.  For my "down time" I decided to start with 5 minutes before I go lay down in bed to sit/lay on the ground and focus on my breathing.  I try to imagine I am directing air to every cell in my body, in private and silence.  I will be incorporating the use of essential oil, most likely lavender or tea tree, on shiatsu points I find comforting (ST 36, Sp 6, GB 12).  So far I have really noticed a change in my ability to fall asleep right away, as well as stay asleep (I tend to wake up at night).

Would anyone like to share if they have their own routine to help quite the mind/relax before going to bed?  I am interested in hearing what benefits you may have noticed from doing this, and if you have been doing this for a while do you find you have to keep changing the routine in order to relax?  Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for sharing your experience or just commenting on whatever you feel on this topic.

Now I am off to breathe :)

I will write a update on the use of essential oils in this routine shortly.  Below are images showing the Shiatsu points I mentioned above.  Please note SP 6 should not be used on pregnant as it can induce labor.

ST3 36

SP 6 Do not apply pressure to this point if pregnant as it can induce labor.

GB 12 marked as # 12